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Our vision is to become the worlds biggest blockchain career platform. Currently we are providing highly skilled bachelor and master students from the best universities all around the world. We accelerate the application process for companies by increasing the number of applications rapidly for job offers posted in our channel. Join us now!

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What is DeFu?

DeFu is a slack channel, a career platform and your opportunity to build up your future in the blockchain space. We provide our members job offers of companies which are searching for employees in the blockchain area. Furthermore, we support you in your application and provide you the needed information for a successful career.
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We offer you a great chance to improve your work in the blockchain sector by giving you multiple opportunities and connections.

What We Offer:

Jobs & Internships

Thanks to our network we can provide you job offers which can’t even be found in the internet

Heads & CEO's

Several applications has to be directly written to leadership personalities - your chance to connect

Great student network

After joining our channel you can easily connect with our great community of ambitious and forward thinking members

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We are delivering ambitious students who want to dip inside blockchain technology. Join our network and increase your applications!

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